Find out what 20 coaching questions you should ask to lead your dream team.


What Our Clients Say

Dustin Woehrmann

Communify Marketing CEO

"Albert met with me a few times and then did a DISC assessment on my entire team. He then  joined our retreat, and did a workshop that explored each individual as well as our whole team. My crew loved it and connected with Albert. It was incredibly helpful, and now when the team gets stuck, we identify reasons based on what we learned with him. He’s also helped us extend this learning by providing weekly exercises that the team does together. The training and advice Albert has provided is incredibly helpful to my team and will definitely help us advance to the next level. I highly recommend him."

Denise Jacono

Retired Principal

"While his expectations were high, I could always count on him for support and direction to achieve them. He did not tell me what to do, but led me to identify a course of action through discussions. His questioning allowed me to clarify my thinking and create quality plans of action to improve my building. Dr. DuPont was a strong advocate for best practices; however, he recognized that how they were applied depended upon the needs of students within a building. His mind was always open as he played the proverbial “Devil’s Advocate” to ensure the quality of plans.He was not afraid to ask the tough questions or hear the answers."

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Get the top 20 coaching questions you should ask to lead your dream team today!