How I Overcame My Fear of Failure This Week

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

I have a secret for everyone. I fear failure. Sound familiar? I am sure some of you can relate. 

The Problem

This week my fear of failure got really bad. I don’t know why. I spent many hours thinking many negative thoughts like my business is failing, I don’t have what it takes, and I am not good enough.

No matter what I did to get back into action I found myself staring out of the window wondering what will happen next. I was paralyzed by my thoughts. 

Maybe it was the seclusion (50 days and counting). Maybe it was listening to the economic forecast (grim). Maybe it was the hours of work I am doing right now to grow my business(12+ a day). Maybe even it was a lack of vitamin D (not getting outside enough). 

To be honest, the reason doesn’t matter because I have always struggled with the fear of failure. This isn’t my first time at the pity party I created for myself. 

But the strangest thing happened, by Friday late afternoon I was back into action and rejuvenated. And here is why. 

The Journey

A few weeks ago I signed up to participate in an online summit called The Resiliency Series. This online event was “designed for entrepreneurs to reconnect with each other, hear from a peer group about developing resiliency in this crisis, and plan for a hopeful future.” When I signed up, I never thought I would have an awakening into a great strategy for overcoming my fear of failure. 

As I entered the online platform, I was tired. It was Friday afternoon after all, and it had already been a long week. As I logged on with over 100 entrepreneurs, I remember telling myself that I needed to spend this time well and make it the best hour of the week. Since I was here, I wanted to take advantage of others who had walked in my shoes. 

And it worked. Throughout the session, I chatted with other participants, posted questions, and even took notes (super rare for me). I was determined to get as much from the session as possible. I wanted help finding answers. 

I didn’t realize that what I would get was a key strategy for overcoming my fear of failure. At the completion of the summit, I felt invigorated. As part of my workday shutdown, I asked myself why after a long week I finally felt like I could do anything. 

The Solution

I connected with others and got out of my own head!

By connecting with like-minded people, I was able to see my barriers and failures as opportunities and find a new path to success. I was inspired by the fact that if others could succeed in spite of adversity then so could I.  

Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” I think being a part of a group like this one helped me move forward knowing I have others who are with me. 

My big takeaway from this experience is to look for opportunities to connect with and learn from others. 


Here are a few questions you can ask yourself based on what I learned this week:

Do you have a “fear of failure” mindset?

What structures do you have in place to network with others? 

Are you open to new possibilities by sharing your fears?

Let me know your thoughts on how you deal with your fear of failure.


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