6 Resources on How to Build a Dream Team (even virtual ones)

Uncategorized May 02, 2020

As I have been attending more and more video conferences, I am really amazed at how people are interacting online. For some, this is super new. For others, it is an old hat. Because we are spending so much time on video conferences, I have found some really powerful tools and ideas that will help you not only build your dream team but build it while working remotely. 


Resource #1: 7 Tips for Building a Remote Team (And Why They're Good for Your Business) - As we start to use virtual teams more, this blog shares great tips for building your team in a virtual world. 


Resource #2: Building effective teams: Where do you start? - In an interview with Dominic Price, Work Futurist and "Team Doctor" at Atlassian, this podcast focuses on what it takes to develop a collaborative team by rethinking team-building.


Resource #3: The Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team - This blog gives very practical things to think about when running remote teams. I learned a lot about various software tools you can use online to collaborate with your teams. 


Resource #4: 10 of the Best Podcasts About Business and Management - Even leaders need to recharge their batteries and one way to do that is listening to the right stuff. Here is a list of great podcasts that will help to keep your focus when leading your teams. 


Resource #5: 7 Essentials for Building a Dream Team - Great teams are not about just technical expertise. This blog unpacks the essentials elements for building a great team that will last. 


As a bonus, I have found a great resource for fun virtual team building activities. 


Bonus: 51 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams - You can’t get better than this. Nothing like making those boring online meetings come alive with any one of these fun activities. 


What great tip do you have for building your team? Send me an email telling me about it, and I will share it in the next newsletter.


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